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6. Renaissance Thought and Contemporary Arabic Revolutions

Roots of the Arab Revolts; Premature Celebrations - James Petras (in Arabic)

The Arab Revolution is not Over - Theo Sommer

Arabic Revolutions in the Eyes of 17 American Intellectuals - Muhammad Aly Saleh (in Arabic)

The Arabic Revolutions Stunned the World and Threatened the Future of America - Gamal Almallah (in Arabic)

We've waited for this revolution for years - Mona Eltahawy

Revolution Between July and January - Hisham Ghusaib (in Arabic)

Arab Revolutions at the Crossroads - Kevin Anderson

How Far Will the Arab Revolutions Go? - Muhamed Sacirbey (in Arabic)

The Gulf and the Arabic Revolutions - Saied hareb

The Relation of the West with the Arabic Revolutions - Nase Eldin Aldogby (in Arabic)

The Arab Revolutions and the Emergence of a New Global Social Order - Raju M. Mathew

Anatomy of Arab revolutions shows trend toward democracy - Spencer Kimball

The Arabic Revolutions and Conspiracy Theory - Sauod Be hashem Julidan (in Arabic)

The Turkish Model Within the Mirror of the Arabic Revolutions - Hassan Nafaa (in Arabic)

Arab Revolutions Debunk Myth That Only The West Can Handle Democracy - Pat and Samir Twair

 Arab youths, revolutions, and the rise of the ‘second society’ - Sami Mahroum

The Arabic Kingdoms... the Illusion of stability and Necessity of Modernism - Khaled Alharoub (in Arabic)

Why the West Supports the Arabic Revolutions? - Ahmad Alfeqy (in Arabic)

Motives to Change in the Arab World - Dina Shehatah and Mariam Wahid (in Arabic)

Every Revolution is Different - Anne

Made in Egypt, a Revolution for Arab World - 


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