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    An essential condition with respect to the appearance of a new authentic Arabic philosophy is that such a philosophy should be presented as a part of contemporary human philosophy. With openness to contemporary human thought while at the same time keeping its authenticity as an Arabic genuine thought. Fulfilling this condition mandates giving up of the current academic classification which separates and isolates contemporary and modern Arabic thought from the wider space of contemporary human philosophy. As a consequence, contemporary Arabic thought, first, should be presented on abstract level that applies to every human society, before dealing with contemporary and historical problems of Arab societies. Second, it should engage positively with contemporary philosophical debate which occupies the international philosophical thought.

In this sense, it is crucial to the development of such thought to be fully acquainted with contemporary international philosophical work, from one hand, and to participate in the international philosophical thought, from the other. Also it is crucial for such thought to be known and acknowledged from the international philosophical community. This can only be done through a two way movement, first, a continuous translation of the contemporary important philosophical research so that it becomes available to the majority of the Arab philosophical scholars. Second, providing a means to publish Arabic philosophical works to be known and criticized by the international philosophical community.

    There are many ways to fulfill such requirements, translation and publishing. One of these ways is what we try to accomplish here, which is to rely on the power of the cyber-space. Hence, we try in this part of the site to publish selected research articles authored by contemporary Arabic philosophers and professors, both in Arabic and English in an effort to help getting Arabic philosophy known to the wider public. On the other side, we try to publish a selected research work from non-Arabic authors, written in English, for the time being, and translated into Arabic at the same time. The choice of these works does not have a specific relation to the problems of Arabic philosophy. Rather it is selected on the basis of covering a wide range of contemporary new topics which, probably, are not very much known in the Arabic philosophical arena.