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    "Philosophers of the Arabs" is a site devoted to express a specific class, namely Arab philosophers and philosophy professors and, in some sense, it is their "own" site. Hence, it is the site of the 'Philosophers of the Arabs'. This name does not reflect a specific ideology or a philosophical position, but it points out to philosophers and thinkers who belong currently to what is known as the "Arab World", or "the collective of the Arab States", in addition to philosophers who write in Arabic from Islamic non-Arabic countries, as well as Orientalists who write and read in Arabic. Hence, whether the philosophical position of the thinker is Islamic, Liberal, Nationalist or Communist, but he is Arabic, Muslim or Orientalist and writes in Arabic, he is one of the owners of this site.  

    The site within this view purports to offer a chance for contemporary philosophical Arabic thought to express itself in a common way and in a unified cyber space, which facilitates and enhances communication between it and contemporary Western and human thought. Writers, or writings, which introduce conceptions that don't express humanities as such, based on religious, racist, nationalist, extremist thought, or on the basis of historical myths, such as religious violent trends, racism, discrimination on the basis of color, Zionism, and so forth fall outside the interests of the site.

    The site is open for participation for everyone interested in the field of philosophy, in general, and in contemporary Arabic philosophical thought, in particular. The site has been opened for a testing period starting 1st of January 2008 till the end of June 2008. During this period feedback has been received concerning the form and the material of the site. However, this site is a continuous project and new information will be added continuously. Hence, every participation from the reader, either by correction, presenting new opinion or material, will be welcomed and will constitute, in fact, a participation  from and to the reader himself.   





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