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Positive engagement with contemporary human philosophical community doesn't occur, only, through exchanging and publishing philosophical research, but also through uncovering the 'Philosophical Discourse'. Discourse, as a philosophical concept, is a thoughtful or a philosophical 'Structure' that is embedded in the different linguistic means of expression, such as books, research, articles, dialogues, and so on. Within this general understanding, philosophical discourse may present itself on the individual level (the thinker or the philosopher), on the level of some sections of the society (such as political parties or religious groups), or on the level of the culture that represents the society as a whole. In addition, the philosophical discourse does have a subject, for it expresses a specific position from a specific subject. Consequently, the philosophical discourse can be classified according to its subject into levels that varies in its generality or particularity.

Because we purport in this site to express contemporary Arabic philosophical thought, as a whole, and that one of the ways to realize such an aim is to uncover its embedded philosophical discourse, then we will devote the space in this section  to this endeavor. This can be achieved through different ways, amongst them holding online conferences, and constructing a continuous space for philosophical discussion. In addition, this aim may be realized through posting articles that deal with the abstract philosophical problems classified according to its subject. When we post, for example, different articles and research works that deal with the concept of 'Identity' as a problematic, in one space the reader will be able to see the differences and common views, in the methodology, embedded beliefs, ideologies, and so on, hence, the nature of the Arabic discourse with respect to this subject will start to be uncovered for the him.
As much as philosophical discourse expresses a specific culture, it also may express a 'dialogue' between different cultures, or between philosophical discourses of different cultures. Therefore, we will divide our presentation of the philosophical discourse into, an 'Arabic Arabic' discourse, and an 'Arabic non Arabic' discourse, in general, or  'east-west', using the usual expression, in particular.

Hence, we will aim here, on the long run, to preserve three spaces for philosophical discourse. The first is a space for thought and philosophical articles, the second is a space for online conferences, and the third is for a philosophical forum. Because this site is a continuous project that will be developed and completed on the long run, we will start by a space for articles. In this space, the different articles will be classified according to the subject in a way that allows for the reader to conclude the Arabic discourse in its internal expression, as well as its engagement with the wider arena of human culture.

With respect to the choice of the topics of the discourse we will be happy to receive your proposals, and in case we accept a specific proposal, or with some alterations to it, we will notify you by email. In such a case we will expect to receive from you a preliminary research paper which discusses the different sides of the topic, or at least to furnish us with some already published papers which deal with the sides of the topic.


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