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Philosophical Discourse Between East and West
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1. Modernity in the era of Multiculturalism

Questions of the Dream of Arabic Modernity - Ali Muhammad Fakhrou (in Arabic)

Is There an Islamic Modernity? Muntasser Hamada (in Arabic)

Multiculturalism, citizenship and national identity, Tariq Modood

Becoming modern: the US, Europe, and the 'others', Dave Belden

The Basis of Modernism and its Obstacles in Contemporary Arabic World - Abullah Alturkmany (in Arabic)

Our Secular Legacy - Hala Mustafa



2. Islam and the West

Democracy, Islam and the politics of belonging - Rosemary Bechler
The clash of civilisations revisited - Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Colonial Europe, How did it see the Other? - Abdol'alim Mohammad (in Arabic)
Islam and the West.. in Search of Light at the end of the Tunnel - Aly Abdolfattah Alharouni (in Arabic)
Welcoming liberal Islam - Dave Belden
Civilizational Discourse and Cultural Particularity - Fawzya Al'ashmawy (in Arabic)



3. Secularism

Continuity of Secularism… a dialogue with Michel Patrick (in Arabic)

Religion in a Secular Society - Michael Smith

European Islam, Church, and Secularism – Ezz Eldeen E'nayah (in Arabic)

The Crisis of the Secular State and the New Forms of Religious Expression – Olivier Roy

The Challenge of Creating Change – John Esposito



   4. Scientific Knowledge

Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge - UNSECO

The Crisis of Knowledge in the Context of Modernity – Abulrahman Alhaj (in Arabic)

Humanities in the Age of Science – Ahmad Abu Zaid (in Arabic)

Marrying Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy - Richard O Lempert

Scientific knowledge the cornerstone to the future - Ben Bova



5. Globalization

Between Islamic Universality and Western Globalization - Mohamed Amara

Globalisation is Western Hegemony – Hassan Hanafi

The World rebels against Globalization – Ahmad Abu Zaid (in Arabic)

Arabic Discourse With Cultures of the Globalization Age – Mas'oud Daher (in Arabic)

 What Values Will Guide Our Future in an Era of Globalization? - Craig Runde

Globalization -  Mark K. Smith and Michele Erina Doyle

Globalization from Universality to Class Identity – Hans Roner (in Arabic)


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