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1. Modernity in the era of Multiculturalism

Hybrid Modernity - Alsayed Weld Abah (in Arabic)

Multiculturalism and PostModernity, a Challenge to our Political Structures - Ger Mennens

Questions of the Dream of Arabic Modernity - Ali Muhammad Fakhrou (in Arabic)

Is There an Islamic Modernity? Muntasser Hamada (in Arabic)

Multiculturalism, citizenship and national identity, Tariq Modood

Becoming modern: the US, Europe, and the 'others', Dave Belden



2. Islam and the West

Samuel Huntington .. Must Civilizations Clash? - Fakhry Saleh (in Arabic)

A Book for a Book instead an Eye for an Eye - Sadiq Al-Azm

Islam and the West, Interview with Karen Armstrong - Omayma Abdel-Latif

Islam and the West - Abdel-Wahab Elmessiri (in Arabic)

Hofmann... When Does Islam and the West Meet - Ftmah Hafez (in Arabic)

Islam and Democracy, Micro-Level Indications of Compatibility - Steven Rayan Hofmann



3. Secularism

Continuity of Secularism… a dialogue with Michel Patrick (in Arabic)

Religion in a Secular Society - Michael Smith

European Islam, Church, and Secularism – Ezz Eldeen E'nayah (in Arabic)

The Crisis of the Secular State and the New Forms of Religious Expression – Olivier Roy

The Challenge of Creating Change – John Esposito



   4. Scientific Knowledge

Objectivity and Subjectivity – Abdelwahab Elmessiri (in Arabic)

Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge - UNSECO

The Crisis of Knowledge in the Context of Modernity – Abulrahman Alhaj (in Arabic)

A Place for Religion in Science? – Robert Pollack

Humanities in the Age of Science – Ahmad Abu Zaid (in Arabic)



5. Globalization

The Guardian view on globalisation: its death is the making of it - Editorial

Society, nationalism and globalization - ALİ BULAÇ

Is Glablization an Extension of Modernism or the Opposite - Mohammad Diab (in Arabic)

The Psychology of Globalization - Jeffrey Jensen Arnett

Contemplations in Globalization - Qassem Abdo Qassem (in Arabic)


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