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Philosophers of  the Arabs

The Arabic Philosophical Discourse
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 1.Toward a New Arabic Philosophy

Our Contemporary Arabic Philosophers - Said Bensaid Al'alawy

The Crisis of Philosophy in the Arab World - Musheer Basil Aoun

Theoretical Thought of the Arabic Nationalist Current -Ahmad Barqawy

 Would Philosophy Stay Philosophy if it were Governed by Intellectual Particulariy - Khaled Alharoub

Arabs and Philosophy: Or the Problematic of the Philosophical Creativity - Basheer Mofty

Are We In Need to a New Arabic Philosophy? - Samir Abuzaid


 2. The Modern Arabic State

Tensions around the State in the Arabic Political Philosophical Thought - Tayyeb Tisini

The State and Sovereignty in the age of Globalization - Turkey Alhamad

Obstacles in front of the Arabic Project (1/2) - Azraj Omar

 Obstacles in front of the Arabic Project (2/2) - Azraj Omar

Epistemic Basis of Islamic Political Systems - Nasr Mohammad Aref

Is 'Al-Shura' a Contemporary Despotism - Sakr Abu Fakhr

Blab around the State - Abdulelah Belqazeez


3. The Arabic Renaissance

The Failure of the Enlightenment Project in the Arabic Area and Conditions of Restoring - Gilbert Al-Ashqar

Reformulation of the Nationalist Thought - Abdullah Al-Asha'al
Speaking About New Arabic Renaissance is an Exaggeration - Abdulghany Barah

Mediation... a Civilizational Renaissance Project - Rafeek Habib

Is Ethical Renaissance a Condition for General Renaissance - Turkey Ali Alrabe'o


4. The Question of Identity

Cultural Authenticity and National Identity - Edward Alkharat

Arabic Identity and the Questions of Contemporary Arabic Culture - Tayyeb Tizini

The Eternal Arabic Unity - Muta'a Safady

Loosing the Arabic Identity - George Qurm

The Question of Unity and Alliance - Burhan Ghaleone


 5. Arabic Political Thought

The Principle of Citizenship – Tarek Albishry

Political Reform Between the Islamic and the Secular – Rafeeq Habib

The Road to the Arabic Liberalism – Muhammed Abu Romman

Redeployment of Capitalism – Samir Amin

Early Renaissance Men and the Problem of Freedom – Daham Hassan

Parties Are Sects in Politics – Fahmy Huwaidy


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