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According to the mission statement of the site, we aim primarily at serving contemporary Arabic/Islamic thought scholars. So the list presented here is meant to be as a reference to the Arabic reviews presented in Arabic for students and scholars. The selected philosophy research papers  are already published on the net, the selection is based on the interest of  Arabic scholars. Most of these papers are linked to the source of which the paper is posted. Though it is possible, in the future,  to post these papers  directly on our site.


  1. The Future of Philosophy

1.    Searle, John, 2003, Philosophy in a new century, in Philosophy in America at the turn of the centuryJournal of Philosophical Research, Philosophy Documentation Center, pp. 3–22, . (direct link)

2.    McGinn, Colin, The Problem of Philosophy, Philosophical Studies, 76, 1994,  133-156. (direct Link)

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b. On Western Modernity

  1. Volker H. Schmidt, 2006,  Multiple Modernities or Varieties of Modernity? ,  Current Sociology; 54; 77 - 97.

  2.   Johnson, Pauline , Habermas’s Search for the Public Sphere, European Journal of Social Theory, 2001, 4(2): 215–236.

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c.  Mind/Body Problem

1.      Lycan, William, Chomsky on the Mind–Body Problem", in L.M. Antony and N. Hornstein (eds.), Chomsky and his Critics, 2003, (Oxford: Basil Blackwell), pp. 11-28

2.Kirk Ludwig, "The Mind-Body Problem: An Overview," in The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Mind, eds. T. Warfield and S. Stich, Blackwell, 2003, pp. 1-46.

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  1. Philosophy of Science

1. Sosa, Ernest, 2007, "Experimental philosophy and philosophical intuition", Philosophical Studies, 132:99–107. (Abstract).

2. Rom Harre, 2001, Dispositions and Powers, in W.H. Newton-Smith, "A Companion to the Philosophy of Science", Blckwell Companions to Philsophy, Blackwell Publishers, Pp. 97-101.

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  1.  The Problem of Consciuosness

1. Kriegel, Uriah ,    Philosophical Theories of Consciousness, Contemporary Western Perspectives, , in Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness (edited by M. Moscovitch, E. Thomspon, and P.D. Zelato).2006,  Cambridge and New York: Cambridge UP, p. 35-66.

2. Chalmers, David, 2003,  "Consciousness and its Place in Nature" , in (S. Stich and F. Warfield, eds) The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Mind (Blackwell, 2003). Pp. 102-142. 

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  1.  Post-Modernism

1.   Paul Sheehan, 2004, " Postmodernism and philosophy ", in Steven Connor (ed.), "theCambridge Companion to Postmodernism", Cambridge University Press, Pp. 20-42.

2.    Steven Best and Douglas Kellner, 2003, "Postmodernism", in Robert C. Solomon and David Sherman (eds.) The Blackwell Guide to Continental Philosophy, 285-308.

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  1. The Concept of Belief

1.Andrew Lugg, (1983), "Explaining Scientific Beliefs: The Rationalist's Strategy Re-examined", Philosophy of the Social Sciences, no. 13, Pp. 265-287.

2.  Michael M.Gorman  (1993), "Hume’s Theory of Belief", Hume Studies V. XIX, No. 1 Pp. 89-102.

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  1. Complexity and Self Organizing Systems

1. Heylighen F., P. Cilliers, & C. Gershenson (2007): Complexity and Philosophy, in: Jan Bogg and Robert Geyer (editors), Complexity, Science and Society, (Radcliffe Publishing, Oxford), P. 117-132.

2. Bishop, Robert, 2008, Downward Causation in Fluid Conviction, in Sythese, V. 160, Pp. 229–248. (Abstract)

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  1. Philosophy of Language

1. Giaquinto, M. 2008, "The Linguistic View of a Priori Knowledge", The Royal Institute of Philosophy, Philosophy 83, Pp. 89-111. 

2. Noam Chomsky, 1990, "Language and Problems of Knowledge", The Philosophy of Language, Oxford University Press, Pp. 558 - 577.

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  1. Sociology of Science

1. Roger Trigg, 1978, "The sociology of knowledge", Philosophy of the social sciences, no. 8; Pp. 289 -298.

2. Shapin,   Steven"Here and Everywhere: Sociology of Scientific Knowledge", Annual Review of Sociology volume 21, 1995, 289-321. (Direct Link)

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  1. Philosophy of Worldviews

Mark E. Koltko-Rivera, The Psychology of Worldviews, Review of General Psychology, 2004, Vol. 8, No. 1, 3–58.


L. Political Philosophy

  1. Engin F. Isin and Alexandre Lefebvre, 2005, The Gift of Law Greek Euergetism and Ottoman Waqf, European Journal of Social Theory 8(1): 5–23.

  2. Fabienne Peter, 2007, "Democratic legitimacy and proceduralist social
    ", politics,philosophy & economics, 10 6(3) 329–353.

 M. Philosophy of the Human Sciences

1. Roger Smith, 2005, "Does reflexivity separate the natural sciences form the human sciences?", History of the Human Sciences Vol. 18 No. 4, SAGE Publications pp. 1–25. (Abstract)


N. Moral Philosophy

1. David Capps, Michael P. Lynch, and Daniel Massey, 2009, "A coherent moral relativism", in Synthese, 166:413–430. (Abstract)