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Philosophers of the Arabs is an individually financed site, and purports to introduce as much as possible information about the different sides of contemporary Arabic thought, in general, and contemporary Arabic philosophy, in particular, with the greatest possible translations in English language. On the long run, the site aspires to establish itself as a basic scientific source of information for contemporary Arabic thought with openness to the external world through translation of its material to English language.

In order for the site to keep its pace and to fulfill its objective as well as to improve and develop its services it needs support from its interested readers who make use and gain benefit from it in their research work.

1-                         The site doesn't accept any support except from readers who have made real benefit from it as a site that presents a reliable scientific knowledge that can be used in different areas of scientific research. The expected support is to be viewed as an exchange for the benefit of the reader and as a courtesy for other readers.

2-                         The site doesn't accept any material or monetary support from any individual or association either from inside Egypt or from abroad.

3-                         For those readers who benefit from the site and interested in its continuity and improvement, support of the site may be advanced through the following:

A-                        To furnish the site with different types of philosophical information (philosophy news, details about philosophers and professors, new important books and research works, activities of the different philosophical societies, academic activities of the different philosophy divisions, etc), in English or in Arabic or in both languages. These information will be, at the end, from the reader and to him, and constitute an important support for the site.

B-                        Translation of part of the material of the site, whether from English to Arabic or the reverse; each translated material, after acceptance, will be posted with the name of the translator and brief presentation for him.

C-                        To spread knowledge of the site within the philosophically specialized  domains in your area (philosophy divisions, philosophical societies, your personal site or blog, if any, other sites or blogs, philosophically interested media, etc) in Arabic as well as non-Arabic places.

D-                       To participate in the board of consultants (for philosophy professors) and the list of the site's friends (for scholars and interested persons).

E-                        Devoting suitable time, on regular basis, to overview the site, and to check out material of the different links of its pages. This will be viewed as a reasonable alternative in order to keep the site completely open instead of imposing subscription for specific parts of it. The reader will notice that keeping up with this practice will result in a continuous improvement, qualitatively and quantitatively, of the site.


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