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    The heart of the mission of 'Philosophers of the Arabs', on the long run, is to realize an active existence of the Arabic philosophical thought on the informatics' space; hence, enhancing communication between such thought and contemporary human thought, in general, and contemporary Western thought, in particular.

Specifically, we serve three main categories:

  1. Arab academics, scholars and specialists of philosophy.

  2. Non-Arab scholars and specialists in contemporary Arabic philosophy, who are capable, due to their study, of reading the material in Arabic.

  3. Non-Arab scholars and specialists of philosophy, who are not specialized in Arabic philosophy, but interested to know and to get in communication with it.

 This aim can be achieved, on successive stages, through placing efforts toward fulfilling the following practical targets:

A.     Presentation of the modern Arabic philosophical thought, which extends back to the thirties of the nineteenth century.  This is to be done through presenting the most prominent Modern Arab thinkers in its three successive generations, the foundational period which extends till the last third of the twentieth century, the critical period, which lasts till today, and the new period which is currently striving toward presenting a truly authentic  Arabic philosophy. This presentation is to be performed through posting the most important philosophical research and writings of those figures.

B.     Placing efforts toward uncovering the philosophical discourse of contemporary Arabic and Islamic thought,  non-Arab Islamic thought, and contemporary Western thought in in its relation to Arabic thought. This is to be accomplished through a comprehensive research of articles, debates, reviews, etc classified into specific topics.

C.     Establishing direct communication with world philosophical forums and organizations in order to allow deeper knowledge and cooperation between both sides.

D.    Support of the movement of translation from and to Arabic, through posting the writings of non-Arabic philosophers in English and in Arabic, at the same time. This in addition to positing previews of the important international works, hence, preparing the way for its translation and marketing.

E- Supporting Arabic philosophical research through its openness to international philosophical research work. This is so through furnishing the reader with the necessary information for philosophical research, such as presenting reviews of the most recent books, lists of the most important philosophy sites on the web, lists of the most important philosophy magazines both in Arabic and English , etc.

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