The Arab Revolutions and the Emergence of a New Global Social Order

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Prof. (Dr.) Raju M. Mathew writes: The Arab Reality - The entire Arab World is in Revolution. It is a spontaneous over flow of the suppressed anger and frustration of the Arab Youth and Women against their Rulers and Regimes and the Rigid and Oppressive Socio-Economic System. The rulers and systems have been making their life more and more miserable, denying them dignity, justice, freedom and opportunities to grow and flourish. They have living in utter frustration and hopelessness without anything to dream.


While the rulers and the top religious leaders have all the pleasures of the Paradise, the people have to live in the Hell-like conditions. Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism have been used as a strategy to divert the attention of the Muslim Youth and Women from their sufferings and a technique to cover up the corruptions and failures of the political and religious rulers and leaders.

The Arab Youth and Women are getting aware of the socio-economic progress and the quantum leap made by their counter parts in other parts of the world. The Arab World has been wasting their valuable resources, time and the energy of its Youth and Women mainly for the petty differences and egoism of the different sects or cults in Islam that had turned into war between Islamic countries and shedding the blood of the Muslims.

For the last eight hundred years, the Arab World has been under ignorance, poverty, infighting and overall backwardness in spite of Islam and the common Arabic language. The inherent weaknesses of the Arab people led to the authoritarian rule, mass poverty, foreign dominance and exploitation.

The Koran and Islam

The Koran starts with the command or instruction, “You Read”. But ‘Reading’ is impossible without literacy. The very purpose of reading is enlightenment and using knowledge for advancements. Further, Mohammed asked his followers even to go to China for acquiring knowledge. In spite of all these fundamental principle of Islam, over 80% of the Muslim world remains illiterate and lives under ignorance and poverty.

When Islam became a socio-political-economic system, it lost its spirituality and humanism. Islam has been redesigned as a powerful weapon in the hands of autocrats and dictators. The rulers became the living embodiment of Allah and people have been reduced into mere slaves or servants without any value or importance. Everybody is filled with a sense of Fear of Hell and the Punishment of Allah for the slightest disobedience of the religious or political rulers.

Islam never united the Arab world, but led to frequent in fight and brutal killings between different sects from the very beginning. That legacy is till continuing without any break. Within each sect, powerful cults fight each other based on the interpretation of Islam. Islam made the Arab world divided fought each other. The foreign invaders cleverly manipulated the differences and enmities between the Arab countries and various Islamic sects and cults.

The Arab Revolution and Its Global Messages

In the Arab and Islamic World, the newly enlightened and empowered youth and women are getting aware of the danger of making Islam as a socio-political system and using Islam as a weapon for dividing them and brining in fights among them and weakening them. Like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Communism, Islam can never unite people nor solve the basic human problems but to divide them and make them fight each other and thereby aggravate their problems.

Out of these realizations, the Youth and Women in the Arab World are in Revolutions for Freedom, Justice, Dignity and Better Living Conditions, keeping Islam in its right place without mixing with the Revolutions. They are not against Islam, but using it as a political weapon to oppress or divide them. For them, Terrorism and Fundamentalism have no place in their life; they have refused to die or kill for Islam but to live a better life with dignity, freedom and employment.

Egyptian Revolution gives the lesson that the enlightened Arab Youth and Women can fight for the common cause of dignity, freedom and peace and prosperity and attain self respect and the reemergence of the Arab Culture by keeping Islam away from their struggle. They want to liberate the Arab and Muslim World from poverty, ignorance and foreign interferences.

At the global, youth and women are getting united for dignity, freedom, justice and better living conditions, irrespective of any race, religion, culture and nationality, learning from the Arab Revolutions. The impacts of the Arab Revolutions will shortly be felt in Iran, China, India and even the West where the Youth and Women are getting alienated and a handful of corrupt and powerful people dictate everything using the mask of Islam or Communism or Democracy.

By Prof. (Dr.) Raju M. Mathew

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