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   4. Scientific Knowledge

Objectivity and Subjectivity Abdelwahab Elmessiri (in Arabic)

Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge - UNSECO

The Crisis of Knowledge in the Context of Modernity Abulrahman Alhaj (in Arabic)

A Place for Religion in Science? Robert Pollack

Humanities in the Age of Science Ahmad Abu Zaid (in Arabic)

Marrying Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy - Richard O Lempert

Scientific knowledge the cornerstone to the future - Ben Bova

Consciousness of Science is a Cultural Imperative Hady No'man Alheety (in Arabic)

The Concept of Scientific Knowledge in Islam - Mumtaz Ali kaz

Arabs and the Scientific Culture, in Order not to Conflate Science and Religion Hamed Ammar (in Arabic)

Our Islamic Civilizational Perspective: Enough of the Analogy with the Western Experience Shireen Hamed Fahmy (in Arabic)

Consciousness and Reality: Our Entry into Creation - James N. Studer

The Cultural Origins of Scientific Knowledge Shawqi Galal (in Arabic)

Albert Jacquard Between Philosophy and Science Hashem Saleh (in Arabic)

Science and mysticism: a tainted embrace - Yves Gingras

Arabs and Scientific Renaissance.. a Backward With no Reason Alyamama Magazine (in Arabic)

The nature of scientific knowledge - The Royal Society

stem Cells, Therapeutic Cloning, and the Soul Robert Pollack

A Call for Arab/Islamic Sciences Aly Alquraishy (in Arabic)


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