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The Monthly Gathering of the Egyptian Philosophical Society


"My Life in My Era"


The Egyptian Philosophical Society holds its monthly gathering on Sunday 8th of Mar.  2020 at 11 Members of teaching staff Cairo University housing, apartment no.1, Giza, Egypt. The lecture titled: 'My Life in My Era', by Dr. Hassan Hanafi.

1. The Algerian Society for Philosophical Studies


 Organizes on11-13 April 2020


 Its International Conference



 "The Question of Freedom Todat"



Details...(in Arabic)


2. The Arabic Democratic Centre, Berlin Germany, in collaboration with the social, psychological and anthropological studies lab, University Center at  Relizane, Algeria 


 Organize on 1-3 Nov. 2020

Berlin - Germany 

International Conference



 "Human and Social Sciences' Contemporary Issues - The Human Direction in Epistemological Approaches"

Details...(in Arabic)


3. Ibn Khaldun Center for Human and Social Science - Qatar University


 Organizes on 23 Jan. 2021


 Its  International Conference



 "The Effect of Linguistics in the Methodology of Social and Human Sciences"



Details...(in Arabic)