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1. Philosophy Department, Faculty of Literature - Alexandria University


 Organize on 7-8 Nov. 2018

at Faculty of Literature


 Its Fourth International Conference



 "How to Read Philosophy: Innovative Visions in the Hermeneutics of Time"

Details...(in Arabic)


2. Philosophy Department, Faculty of Social Sciences - Oran University - Algeria


 Organize on 25-27 Nov. 2018

at Faculty of Social Sciences

Oran - Algeria


 Its International Conference



 "Manuscripts of the science of discourse and beliefs and philosophy in great Arab Maghreb"


It is no secret to the Arab and Muslim man today how important it is wading into the study of manuscripts and exclusively not combining in creeds fields and science of speech and philosophy, and if we use the term field, it means the area beyond epistemological any of these complex relationships and complex between a number of oracles and non-oracles required and raised by problematic forum and this is what opens up for condensation and overlappingof different sciences and knowledge, Hence the diversity of readings within the perspective of philosophical criticism, historical vision, Sociological experiences, anthropological and contemporary cultural criticism.

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3. The Egyptian Philosophical Society


 Organizes on 8-10 Dec. 2018

at Cairo University


 on 11-13 Dec. 2018

at the Swedish Institute, Alexandria

its 29th annual conference



 "Translation and Innovation"

Details...(in Arabic)