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1.The Monthly Gathering of the Egyptian Philosophical Society


"ِPhilosophy between Universality and National Specifity"


The Egyptian Philosophical Society holds its monthly gathering on Sunday 14th of May  2017 at 11 Members of teaching staff Cairo University housing, apartment no.1, Giza, Egypt. The lecture titled: 'Philosophy between Universality and National Specifity ', by Dr.Anwar Mugheith.

2. the University of Geneva-University of Illinois at Chicago Space and Time After Quantum Gravity project


Organize on 27-30 June, 2017

Château de Bossey, near Geneva


International Conference



 "the Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Gravity"



The investigation of quantum gravity has been central to theoretical physics for at least two decades, but philosophy has only begun to systematically engage with this field in the past few years. The purpose of this meeting is bring together people with research agendas in the philosophy of quantum gravity, to provide a venue to review and develop a common understanding of the state of the field: questions, approaches, solutions and, especially, novel insights and avenues of investigation.

Details...(in English)


3. the The Sudanese Philosophy Forum


Organizes on 23-25 October, 2017


the 2nd annual Conference



 "Religion and Modernity - The Intellectual Project of Muhammad Mahmoud Taha as an Example"


Details...(in Arabic)



4. the Egyptian Philosophical society


Organizes on 9-14 Dec., 2017

at Cairo University and

the Swedish Institute, Alexandria

the 28th International Conference



 "the Philosophical Method"


Details...(in Arabic)