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1. Modernity in the Era of Multiculturalism

Hybrid Modernity - Alsayed Weld Abah (in Arabic)

Multiculturalism and PostModernity, a Challenge to our Political Structures - Ger Mennens

Questions of the Dream of Arabic Modernity - Ali Muhammad Fakhrou (in Arabic)

Is There an Islamic Modernity? Muntasser Hamada (in Arabic)

Multiculturalism, citizenship and national identity, Tariq Modood

Becoming modern: the US, Europe, and the 'others', Dave Belden

The Basis of Modernism and its Obstacles in Contemporary Arabic World - Abullah Alturkmany (in Arabic)

Our Secular Legacy - Hala Mustafa

The Search for "Postmodernism" - Ahmad Abuzaid (in Arabic)

Enlightenment Arabs and the Civil State - Alhabib Aljanahany (in Arabic)

Postmodernity as the Climax of Modernity: Horizons of the Cultural Future - Boris Goubman

Islam and Secularism - Soheib Bencheikh

Modernism and Postmodernism in Arab Intellectual Debates - Muhammad Alhourany (in Arabic)

Postmodernism and the Fate of Enlightenment - Muhammad Alsayed Sa'eed (in Arabic)

Habermas: Modernity is Still the Human Project that has not finished yet - Derar Bany Yassin (in Arabic)

Islam, Society and Modernity - Muhammad Khalid Masud

Arab Christians: a Lost Modernity - Tarek Osman

Critique of Cultural Euro-Centrism - Kamal Abdullatif (in Arabic)

The Only Alternative to Western Modernism - Aly boulaj (in Arabic)

A humane Muslim future - Fareena Alam

"Salvation" Between Islamist's Promises and Secularists - Alzawawy Bghoura (in Arabic)

Islam and Democracy, Micro-Level Indications of Compatibility - Steven Ryan


Democracy as a Universal Value - Amartya Sen

Western Modernity and the Question of the Alternative - Hassan Abu Haneyyah (in Arabic)

The Road to Modernity Starts by its Critique - Munir Shafiq (in Arabic)

Europe, Modernity and Eurocentrism -  Enrique Dussel

Toward a Multicultural Conception of Human Rights - Boaventura de Sousa Santos


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