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Philosophy  magazines


A.   Directory of free philosophy magazines

  1. psyche.

  2. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

  3. Project Gutenberg.

  4. arXiv e-Prints.

  5. philsci-archive.

  6. CogPrints.

  7. Online papers in philosophy.

  8. Essays in Philosophy.

  9. Université Paris XII et Institut Jean-Nicod.

  10. Philosophy Now.

  11. TPM (The Philosophers Magazine).

  12. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

  13. Philosopher's Imprint.

  14. Radical Philosophy.

  15. Home of Philosophy.

  16. Postmodern Culture.

  17. Florida Philosophical Review.

  18. International Journal of Philosophical Practice.

  19. Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

  20. The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law.

  21. Prolegomena: Journal of Philosophy.

  22. Alkalema - Issued from Alkalema Forum for Studies and Research.

  23. The Arabic Future (المستقبل العربي).

  24. Madarik Magazine (مجلة مدارك).

  25. Free Philosophy Essays 

  26. The Philosopher.

  27. Altafahum, (التفاهم).

  28. Open Journal of Philosophy.

  29. Al-Mukhatabat.

  30. Philospress.

  31. Albab.(ألباب)

  32. Yatfakroun(يتفكرون).

  33. Occidentalism(الاستغراب).

  34. Home of Philosophy(بيت الفلسفة).

  35. Muqabasat(مقابسات).



B.   Directory of subscription philosophy magazines.


 a. Magazines in Arabic

  1.  Philosophy magazine of the Egyptian Philosophical Society.

  2. Philosophy magazine of the Arabic Philosophical Society.

  3. Philosophy and the epoch, (الفلسفة والعصر).

  4. The World of thought, (عالم الفكر).

  5. Dialogue of the Arabs, (حوار العرب).

  6. Almawakif, (المواقف) – the magazine of research and studies in society and history.

  7. Eis,(أيس)- a space for mind and freedom.

  8. Tabayyun.

  9. Hiraa,(حراء) a scientific, cultural periodical.

  10. Philosophical Studies - Issued by Baytulhekmh.

  11. Tunisian Review of Philosophical Studies.

  12. Al-Marifa - Published by the Syrian Ministry of Culture.

  13. Almanar Aljadeed - Articles in Philosophy of Religion and Social Issues.

  14. Contemporary Arabic Thought, (الفكر العربي المعاصر).

  15. Al-muqademah, (المقدمة).

  16. Studies of Islam and Contemporary World .

  17. New Ages, (الأزمنة الحديثة).

  18. Philosophical Studies (The Algerian Philosophical Socity).



b.     Magazines in English

This list includes some of the most important philosophy magazines worldwide.

  1. Philosophy of Science.

  2. The Journal of Philosophy.

  3. Mind.

  4. Journal of Islamic Philosophy.

  5. Philosophy.

  6. Philosophical Studies.

  7. Think.

  8. the Philosophical Review.

  9. Metaphysica, The International Journal for Ontology & Metaphysics.

  10. FPR, Florida Philosophical Review.

  11. IJPS, International Journal of Philosophical Studies.

  12. Critical Inquiry.

  13. Islam & Science - Journal of Islamic Perspectives on Science.

  14. Journal of Philosophical Research.

  15. The Philosophical Quarterly.

  16. Érudit Philosophiques.