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There are two types of philosophers whom we can differentiate from academic philosophy professors. First, those who create a philosophical project, such as Aristotle, Avicenna, and Kant. Second, Those who take a specific philosophical position, such as Socrates, Ibn Tufail, and Kierkegaard. In the first case, different writings of the philosopher comprise, genreally, a clear philosophical system. In the second, those writings does not take the form of a system, and it might come up with different writing forms, but, in the end, it express implicitly a specific philosophical position. 

Therefore, we introduce contemporary Arabic thinkers and philosophers on two levels. The first, those who created in some form a philosophical project. The second, those who did not create such a project, but defend a specific philosophical position. In either case, our basic criteria for choosing the names are, first, possession of a sufficient theoretical depth, second, authoring several essential books about the subject.

It is well known that some time must be elapsed before philosophical works can be properly evaluated and propagated. Hence, although the main well known figures are all listed, the two lists are yet not complete, albeit we trust that it will be complete in the near future. 

These names are not presented in accordance to the scientific or philosophical value of the thinker, rather it is listed in an alphabetic order.  However, due to the fact that the concept of "philosophical project" is debatable, and that we do not consider this list as final, we are pleased to receive any suggestions of amendments to those lists from philosophy critics, and we will take it seriously and make the necessary amendments in accordance to the final conclusion of the matter.

By pressing on the link the reader will find a presentation of the project, or the philosophical position of the thinker, as well as his biography and intellectual journey. In the cases where the article has not finished yet, the reader will find a brief presentation of the thinker and his works.


 A- Thinkers who have a philosophical project

1.     Abdel-Wahab Elmessiri

2.     Abdallah Laroui.

3.     Abu Ya'arub Elmarzouki. (Brief Introduction)

4.     George Tarabishi

5.     Hassan Hanafi.

6.     Hussam Alalussi.

7.     Mahmoud Amin El'alem.

9.     Mohammed Abed Aljaberi.

10.    Mohammed Arkoun.

11.     Nasr Hamed Abu Zayd.

12.     Rushdy Rashed.

13.     Samir Amin.

14.    Taha Abdoulrahman.

15.    Tayyeb Tizini.


B- Thinkers who defend a specific philosophical position
  1. Prof. Abdolamir Ala'assam.

  2. Prof.  Abdolghaffar Makawy.

  1. Prof. Abdolhamid Madkour.

  2. Prof. Abdolm'oty Bayoumi.

  3. Prof. Abdulssalam Almasady.

  4. Prof. Abdolrazak Eldaway.

  5. Prof. Abolrahman Elteleely. 

  6. Prof. Abdossalam Ibn Abdo'aly.

  7. Prof. Ali Hussein Aljaberi.

  8. Prof. Ali Omleel.  

  9. Prof. Amira Helmy Mattar.

  10. Prof. ahmed Mady.

  11. Prof. Anwar Abdolmalek.

  12. Prof. Elsayed nafady.

  13. Prof. Emam Abolfattah Emam.

  14. Prof. Fathy Altraiky.

  15. Prof. Fo'ad Zakarya.

  16. Prof. Mahmoud Ismaeil.

  17. Prof. Hassan Elshaf'ey.

  18. Prof. Maher Abdouqader Mohammed.

  19. Prof. Mohammed Sabila.

  20. Prof. Mahmoud Hamdi Zakzuk.

  21. Prof. Mohammad Atif El'iraqui.

  22. Prof. Mohammed Elsayed Algalyand.

  23. Prof. Muhammed Abdolrahman Marhaba.

  24. Prof. Murad Wahba.

  25. Prof. Mustafa Elnashar.

  26. Prof. Mustafa Abdo Khair.

  27. Prof. Mustafa Helmy.

  28. Prof. Mustafa labib.

  29. Prof.  Salah Kounswa.

  30. Prof. Salah Osman.

  31. Prof. Salem Yafut.

Prof. Yumna Alkhouli.