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4. Philosophy Department, Faculty of Social Sciences - Oran University - Algeria


 Organize on 25-7 Nov. 2018

at Faculty of Social Sciences

Oran - Algeria


 Its International Conference



 "Manuscripts of the science of discourse and beliefs in Algeria "


Do not hide the importance of getting into the manuscripts, especially space science discourse and beliefs, and if we use space in the long run and that means the arena to think about the purpose of a historical perspective and mobilization perspectives and the critical sociological and philosophical anthropological issue and cultural differentiation.

Not so obvious to the Arab Gimlet and Muslims in general and Algeria in particular that Arab and Muslim intellectuals already raised ideological, philosophical and religious (theological) and great scientific issues, classified them in manuscripts where media heavy compositions and deep consideration and doctrines and beliefs built ideological and philosophical Some of us still and today govern our vision of existence, divine, human and global ...

But these manuscripts of words and doctrine have not received what they deserved lesson and a review of systematic and critical analysis, so we wanted by the academic work Hedda to contribute to the aspects of detection of the non-thinking of the oral heritage and ideological and shed light on the issues that need new research and consider the original manuscripts, and we hope to help open up the means of communication and scientific debate between scholars and intellectuals specializing in various issues of our ideological heritage and Algerian linguistics.

The problem of the conference:

Can Arab-Muslim intellectual or Algerian day of scientific erosion and monetary and ideological texts of the words of the closed and dogmatic idler and fence and refined over a long history of Islam?

To what extent does the Arab or Muslim Algerian intellectual to formulate and construct a new system of expression and belief of the work of the historical and disarmament of the prestige and authority of the myth of religious ideological thought and to come out in light and attention?

Why do scientific and critical studies on manuscripts of the science of speech and belief go unnoticed?

Please that this lecture will be a brick added to the studies that dealt with aspects of Islamic heritage in the science of speech and beliefs in Algeria way, and have a positive motivation for further studies so that the problem at the future in the past of reading blogs and manuscripts.


- The texts of faith and Tawhid

- Doctrinal Texts and Doctrines of Philosophical Religions

- Sufism and Sufi language in Algeria

- Roads between corners and mosques and Koranic writings and the Algerian national movement

- Manuscripts of Islamic teams in North Africa

- Scientists and jurists and the Ottoman authority in Algeria

- The Reform Movement and the Association of Muslim Scholars and Believers in Algeria

- Research experiences and indexation of manuscripts in Algeria

- Contemporary interpretation of the doctrinal or religious text in Algeria

Important information:

- We will receive the participation from February 17, 2018 to March 10, 2018

- Answer from March 15th to March 20th, 2018.

- In case of acceptance, we will receive the intervention from March 25 to April 25, 2018

- The conference will take place after the approval of the Department of the will.

- The Conference was held on 25-26 / 27 November 2018

   Participation Form


President of the Conference

Pr.Derras Shahrazad