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4. Philosophy Department, Faculty of Social Sciences - Oran University - Algeria


 Organize on 25-27 Nov. 2018

at Faculty of Social Sciences

Oran - Algeria


 Its International Conference



 "Manuscripts of the science of discourse and beliefs and philosophy in great Arab Maghreb "


It is no secret to the Arab and Muslim man today how important it is wading into the study of manuscripts and exclusively not combining in creeds fields and science of speech and philosophy, and if we use the term field, it means the area beyond epistemological any of these complex relationships and complex between a number of oracles and non-oracles required and raised by problematic forum and this is what opens up for condensation and overlappingof different sciences and knowledge, Hence the diversity of readings within the perspective of philosophical criticism, historical vision, Sociological experiences, anthropological and contemporary cultural criticism.

It became apparent that the awareness of the importance of the manuscript. has increased for the contemporary Arab and Muslim intellectuals increased with its various topics and issues established, whether on the subject of doctrines or in the science of speech and philosophy, and through it, it has already been established and the construction of many of the doctrines and beliefs approaches and new visions added richness of perceptions and ideas of civilization closely related to the ontological Arab-Islamic presence.

            However, these manuscripts have not yet achieved what is appropriate in terms of investigation, research and from Systematic and critical scrutiny, therefore, wewanted through this academic work to contribute to the revealing of the unthought aspects of the doctrinal, verbal and philosophical heritage and to uncover issues that need further investigation and research, and we hope that our contribution will be a means of opening up to the means of communication and scientific discussion among the various researchers on various issues of our doctrinal, verbal and philosophical heritage in the Grand Arab Maghreb.


What is a manuscript? What are its structures? What are its beliefs and what are its cognitive limits? What does it have to do with life? How do we recognize it in the methods of our contemporary world? What additions might the manuscript add to the Arab and Muslim ontology? What are the strategic dimensions and objectives of the manuscript? Can we establish an independent science taught in our various universities that we call the Science of Manuscripts? Can the Arab or Muslim intellectual today of scientific and monetary erosion of the doctrinal, verbal and philosophical texts of the closure and dogmatism and neglect is repeated throughout the history of Arab and Islamic civilization? Does manuscript challenge cultural and civilization to face the other?


First : The Manuscript Epistemology (Concept - Foundations and Goals)

- The rhetorical and linguistic reading of the manuscript.

- Contemporary interpretation of the doctrinal or religious texts in the Grand Arab Maghreb.

- The theory of rhetorical and interpretive pilgrims and their application to the religious text (doctrinal, verbal)

- Experiments in the search and indexing of manuscripts in the Grand Arab Maghreb.

- Manuscripts and their relation to the research of the dictionary and lexicon.


 Second: The Relations of Structures Patterns of Arab Islamic Thought

- Manuscripts of the Islamic teams in North Africa.

- Philosophy verb (Praxis) and doctrines.

- The texts of the Creed and the doctrines of the philosophy of religions.

- Legal texts between ideological legislation and mental interpretation.


Third: The Value Dimensions of Manuscripts and Intellectual Heritage and the Role of Religious Institutions and Social and Political Transformations in Algeria

- The texts of faith and theism.

- Sufismand Sufi language in the Grand Arab Maghreb.

- Logic, philosophy and science in manuscripts in the Grand Arab Maghreb.

- Scholars, jurists and Ottoman authority in the Grand Arab Maghreb.

- Barbaric writings (Amazigh) and its interpretations of the Islamic text.

- The methods adopted byzaouias, mosques, Quranic schools and the Algerian National Movement.

- Reform Movement and the Association of Muslim Scholars and Doctrine in Algeria.


Fourth: Contemporary Approaches and Their Applications to Heritage and the Arab-Islamic Reality.
- Applications of social sciences curricula to study manuscripts and heritage in the
Grand Arab Maghreb.
- Establishment of new speech science and scientific research horizons.
-Orientalist interpretations of Arab and Islamic heritage.
- Anthropological reading of Sufi text.
- The future of the study of manuscripts and the Arab and the Islamic heritage.
- Manuscript and criticism of contemporary cultural and civilization.
- Contemporary Historical Schools and Manuscripts.
-Manuscripts and their relation to the problems of life (contemporary Maghreb human life).
- The heritage manuscript and the challenges of the present.


Important information:


- the receiving of participation form up to  15 April 2018
- Response from30 April 2018.
- In case of acceptance, the entries will be sent in full from 01 May until 30 June 2018
- The conference will be held after the approval of the responsible Department.
- Participation fees (accommodation, tickets, etc. at participants' expense)
- The date of the conference 25/26/27 November 2018.


   Participation Form


Chairman of the Conference:
Prof. Derras Shahrazad